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Internet portal factory interior doors Vivo Porte. Moscow, Kiev, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Severodvinsk

  Welcome to the online portal of Europe's largest factory of doors Vivo Porte! The factory now has in its arsenal of 30 series and over 900 models of doors. It would seem that there is no door factory which could produce. Still, every month there are new models, thanks to the most capricious customers.

  Here you can find and see in good quality you are interested in the model, learn all the technical information, retail Prices on the door and their components. Portal Vivo Porte has a built online shopWhere you can find a door unit and place an order directly from the factory. Consult with experts factory «Виво Порте»by ordering an incoming call в support service or contact other known methods. Delivery is from stock in Moscow courier companies or your means.



Naples, Sicily - room door for modern interiors


  Perhaps the most popular series in the room doors "modern" style. Doors are made by dialing and connecting pre-fabricated elements (drawer side). Side-bar design is made ??of MDF, solid wood and chipboard filling, which makes doors are very durable, resistant to external factors and long-lasting.

  For decorative coatings used plastic "PP" made ??by German experts Alkorcell. Covering Alkorcell combining all the benefits of existing materials for decorating surfaces, and fully simulates precious woods.

  If we take into account such concepts as "renovation" or "euro-windows", then this series can be called «euro-doors». Series has about 100 models of paintings and 3 species of the door frame. Classic box with screw-in loops. Box design "Optim" having a hidden Italian loop. And a new, modern box with integrated trims and concealed, adjustable hinges (Germany). Go to the door Naples, Sicily >>>


Watch doors Naples, Sicily (a pop-up window)






Versailles - classic white painted doors.


  Room doors, painted in white - represent exquisite taste, the quest for purity, naturalness and aesthetics. White doors do not fit as the best way to the interior of any color. Today, white interior doors again actively gaining a lot of popularity in the design of the apartment. While the white doors were considered boring and monotonous, has long been a thing of the past. Today it is a classical elegant doors that give the room status of the palace, castle or manor.

  Room doors Vivo Porte painted polyurethane composition with a subsequent coating with polyurethane varnish. Coverage of each interior door is made by hand. Each door is flawlessly executed piece of art that is hard to look away. In either option can be of any shade of white or any other color. Door hinges can be a classic "wall" and the modern "hidden". Перейти к белым дверям  >>>


Watch and white painted doors "Versailles" (a pop-up window) 

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